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Embossed HDF Boards

Embossed HDF Board

Embossed HDF Boards

A HDF based wall, ceiling & furniture embellishment panel with a thickness of 2.5mm having Embossed designed on the surface that can be polished with stain & lacquer. Manufactured from an intricate process where HDF is pressed under very pressure with precisely etched design plates to render exotic designs. Embossed HDF can easily be pasted & nailed on to any substrate. To add a finish a simple 2 tone polish with stain & lacquer can liven up the embossed designs.

Action Tesa Embossed on HDF sheet at its semi cure stage while other manufactured embossed designs are available on MDF sheet.

Action Tesa has more depth in Embossed HDF sheets and the depth is normally higher than 0.6mm whereas the others are just 0.2, 0.3mm. This results is a much more beautiful panel on Tesa HDF.

Action TESA HDF Embossed Panels are ideally suitable for polishing, painting, PVC film pressing, membrane pressing etc.

Action Tesa is using DOME technology so the moisture content is distributed equally in panels while other panels having high moisture content & moisture is not equally distributed, resulting more complaint. Action Tesa HDF Board which is being specially manufactured in-house with wax so that the paint consumption is much less as compared to any other panel available.

The molecular structure & IB in Tesa Panels is better than other Embossed Panels because Tesa is Embossing in semi cure (After the Mat formation) while other panels give the Pressure on surface after the MDF get completely cure thus creating destruction in molecular structure.

Action Tesa has the widest range of more than 36 Designs.

Core MaterialHDF
Panel Size8ft (2440mm) x 4ft (1220mm)
Designs36 in Raw Finish
AvailableRaw Unpolished
Polish TypeDual Tone with Antique Effect / DUCO Finish / PU Finish can be given
FixingSimilar To The Way Veneer is Fixed
ApplicationsWall/Ceiling Cladding, Shutter Cladding & Furniture Embellishment.

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